September 27, 2023

According to the iPhone Index 2023 of the analytics site, the average Filipino will need about 80 working days to be able to purchase the basic variant of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The latest report was released last September 12 and the Philippines ranked second, just between the top Türkiye and third Brazil.

Picodi iPhone Index 2023 iPhone Index 2023 top 5

Türkiye was on the top requiring average workers 123.7 working days to buy the iPhone 15 Pro. The Philippines followed at 79.5 days and Brazil clocked in at 66.6 days.

At the bottom of the Index was Switzerland only needing 4.2 working days. Above Switzerland was the US at 5.3 days and Australia at 6.3 days. iPhone Index 2023 complete

The iPhone Index is an annual index of iPhone price-to-wage ratio which started back in 2018. The iPhone Index 2023 was calculated based on the official prices of the iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) by either local Apple or authorized sellers. In the Philippines, the base variant of the iPhone 15 Pro is priced at PHP 70,990 via the Apple Store.

Meanwhile, the average wages were taken from the official statistics office websites of the different countries. The salary used is net wage which was obtained through salary calculators. The average net wage in the Philippines, as per Numbeo, is said to be PHP 18,744.39, according to

The site clarified that the computation doesn’t include the sales tax in each country. More importantly, the number of days is computed

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