October 2, 2023

MediaTek announced that it has successfully developed its first chipset using the TSMC 3nm technology, with volume production set in 2024.

We are committed to our vision of using the world’s most advanced technology to create cutting-edge products that improve our lives in meaningful ways. TSMC’s consistent and high-quality manufacturing capabilities enable MediaTek to fully demonstrate its superior design in flagship chipsets, offering the highest performance and quality solutions to our global customers and enhancing the user experience in the flagship market.”

Joe Chen, MediaTek President

MediaTek – TSMC 3nm Process

This feat marks a significant milestone in the long-standing strategic partnership between the two companies. Both took full advantage of their strengths in chip design and manufacturing to jointly create flagship SoCs with high-performance and low-power features.

The TSMC 3nm process technology offers enhanced performance, power, and yield. Additionally, it has complete platform support for both high-performance computing and mobile applications.

MediaTek TSMC 3nm chipset 1

Compared to the TSMC N5 process, the 3nm technology offers as much as 18% speed improvement with the same power, or 32% power reduction at the same speed, and approximately 60% increase in logic density.

MediaTek’s first flagship chipset using TSMC’s 3nm process is expected to power smartphones, tablets, intelligent cars, and various other devices starting in the second half of 2024.

For more information, visit the official website.

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