September 27, 2023

Xiaomi, via its Redmi Weibo page, has announced that it will start offering four generations of Android updates and five years of security updates starting with the Redmi K60 Ultra. This will put it on par with Samsung and OnePlus‘ update policy.

Xiaomi – New Update Policy

While the Redmi K60 Ultra is the device from the company to receive this update, it is uncertain which other devices will be receiving the longer update policy. We assume that at least the flagship devices will be included in the list of Xiaomi devices that will now receive four Android version updates and five years of security updates.

Xiaomi update policy 1

Additionally, it wasn’t clarified how many MIUI version upgrades will be included in this new policy. The frequency and how fast the updates will be rolled out though is another question altogether. Security updates are better received sooner, rather than later.

The new policy matches the offering from Samsung and OnePlus, with the four Android generation updates and five years of security updates for Galaxy Smartphones and OnePlus flagships.

Typically, Xiaomi provides about two Android versions for flagship smartphones and one for its other devices. Security updates, on the other hand, are offered at least two years of monthly and quarterly updates. However, the company has yet to detail the changes, but we hope to learn more about this updated policy soon.

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