September 27, 2023

HONOR has just finished its IFA 2023 keynote where it unveiled the Magic V2 for the global market. Alongside it though, the company introduced the HONOR V Purse, an outward foldable smartphone but seemingly with fashion in mind.

HONOR Magic V Purse concept device 6

HONOR Magic V Purse

HONOR Magic V Purse concept device thinness

Despite a unique selling point, HONOR revealed that HONOR Magic V Purse measures 9mm when folded. This makes it even thinner even while folded than the Magic V2 and other regular smartphones.

HONOR Magic V Purse concept device 5

The company also showcased some accessories like a physical strap that allows you to make the device live up to its namesake, a purse. It also boasted Always On Displays (AOD) from interactive ones to stylish ones. This includes designs from Burberry menswear design director Bram Van Diepen, contemporary Yunuene Esparza, and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang.

The specially-designed AOD are meant to allow users to match the design to any outfit just by replacing the outer display. In addition to the fashion-focused AOD designs, there were also AOD displays that included interactive digital pets and one that looked like a bag with trinkets but the trinkets doubled as shortcuts to things like Messages and more.

HONOR Magic V Purse concept device 2

As the HONOR Magic V Purse is a concept device, we may likely never see it make it out to production in its current state. However, an outward folding device isn’t too unusual with devices like the Huawei Mate Xs 2.

HONOR revealed its plans to open up the platform for even more AOD designs though which could hint at a future release at least for an outward folding device.

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