September 28, 2023

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads for web version is rolling out over the next few days after the platform was released as a mobile app exclusive early last month.

Threads for Web Version

Threads for web though is launching pretty much bare-bones. The initial launch will just allow you to log in, post, and interact with other users.

Threads for web 2

Despite the lack of more features, like being able to customize your profile, the web version could definitely make the platform more accessible. Especially since there are people that spend more time in front of their desktops and having to grab your phone just to post something could come as a hassle than anything.

As of writing this, the web version of Meta’s take on X (formerly Twitter) isn’t quite rolled out though. But once it is, you should be able to check out posts on your browser via

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