October 1, 2023



Unity supports all kinds of games.

In this video, we’ll show you the games which were built using Unity engine:

  • CupHead – cartoon-style action game.
  • Monument Valley 2 – 3d mobile game.
  • Rick and Morty VR – Virtual Reality game.
  • Pupperazzi – pokemon like game.
  • Unity Supports split-screen games, multiplayer, co-ops, etc.

Downloadable PDF: Unity Lesson-7

Lesson 7 Video Transcript

Hey there everyone. Welcome to a bonus lesson of sorts.

I decided that the lessons that we had before just didn’t do enough to show you the variety of what Unity has to offer and the amount of games that have been made in it.

We covered some of the basics and hopefully, you can kind of imagine how things are made, but I wanted to show you guys some of the games that were made before, both by people that you’ve probably heard of as well as a Game Jam that I made myself.

So it should only take a couple of minutes, but hopefully, this gets you excited about what this engine has to offer. So here we are.

This is on Unity’s official website. I’m just showcasing some of the games that it is showcasing itself. So we have Cuphead, which obviously has an incredibly distinct style.

I think a lot of you have probably heard of it and played it before Monument Valley Two, which is a mobile game, I believe.

And so it’s like Unity can do crazy stylized 2D, it can do 3D Mobile, it can do a lot. There is VR of course. You have some pretty famous IP right here. You have Inside you have Ori and The Blind Forest. I believe the SQL is also being planted, and be made in Unity.

I’m not a hundred percent sure about Hearthstone, this is the one that I love to bring up. It’s something a lot of people don’t realize is made in Unity and this has everything you’d really want. It’s got really cool art and some really awesome advanced art techniques with shaders and things like that to make cards look animated when they aren’t.

It has networking, it has a connection to the Battlenet client, and all of that.

And it’s just a really great example of how powerful this engine is and how flexible it is. And then I think the last thing that they have here is city Skylines. So again, another very different game from say like Cuphead, but it can all be made in Unity.

Another game I wanted to share really quickly is one that has been recently, not to date the video, but it has recently been getting a lot of traction.

And that is Paparazzi, which is kind of like a Pokemon Snap game, but with cute little dogs. And that is being made by Sunday month. As you can see here. It’s being released later in 2019. And again, it’s just a very different game from some of the ones we just looked at, but it was made in Unity and it has something a little bit different, which is like this split screen mode here.

Again, split screen, multi-player, couch, co-op, networked, all of that is available and can be done in Unity if you know how to make it work. And Unity does make it pretty simple overall. Now, out of the ones that were mentioned, none of them are quite like this, which is a weird little game jam I did over the course of basically a weekend.

And I’m just going to enter a name here. It doesn’t really matter. Let’s just name it the tutorial. And we can customize our character a little bit.

Don’t think I’m going to spend too much time doing that. I’ve done it a hundred times before and press play and there we go. It’s kind of a styled-after game like RuneScape, but it’s just a basic networked project.

There’s not too much to do. You can walk around, you can see I could fish here so I can go fishing. It won’t take too long. I should catch some fish pretty quickly. Of course, I have level zero fishing or whatever because I just made the guy, but there you go. So we caught a guppy. It’s cool, I guess.

Got a crab and you can sit in this game as well. Just very basic animations and all of these objects. There’s no actual art in this game. It was all done in unity. Every shape that you see here was made in unity, colored in unity.

And then I’m using a very basic shader that’s free online, and you could investigate that. It’s called Ute. And there we go.

So I’m sitting and I can sit while I’m fishing. I could go sit by the fire, et cetera. But again, this is just a basic project made in Unity. And if I had some friends playing right now, you could see that we could all walk around, see each other, use the chat to talk.

And yeah, it only took about a weekend to make this much, and it’s a very different project from the stuff I normally make. So I also learned a ton while making it.

But yeah, hopefully, this gives you an idea of how varied the engine is overall, and how varied the games that have come out of it are. And hopefully, it gives you some inspiration that the project you have in your head could be made in this engine if you just take the time to learn how to do it.

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