October 3, 2023

After a pretty hilarious April Fools’ Joke from Razer, we’re actually getting a Razer razor but it’s made by GilletteLabs.

Here’s a reminder on the Razer Razer joke:

GilletteLabs x Razer Razor

This razor from Gillette seems pretty generic albeit with the familiar green and black colors of Razer coupled with the snake logo. Sadly, the razor doesn’t have RGB lights, which at this point is a Razer staple feature.

GilletteLabs x Razer Limited Edition Razor 2

Here are some of the razor’s features:

  • 5 GilletteLabs blades
  • Adaptive 2D FlexDisc design
  • Magnetic Stand
  • Metal Handle
GilletteLabs x Razer Limited Edition Razor 1

According to a report from The Verge, the GilletteLabs x Razer razor will be rolled out worldwide at the end of this month. It will arrive with an option that comes in a Razer-green travel tin and without it. Its exact price though is yet to be revealed.

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