September 28, 2023

Key points:

Picture this: Empowered educators are equipped with the insights and strategies of mental performance coaching in schools. They possess the transformative ability–well-established in athletics but yet to be fully realized in the classroom–to help students meet the challenges of life with greater resilience, self-esteem, and focus. Teachers, school coaches, and education leaders are catalysts that propel students towards this emotional and mental strength, using approaches that have benefited thousands of athletes at all levels.

To the cynic, “mental performance coaching” may sound like a passing trend. But in reality, mental performance coaching in schools holds immense value as an integral component of developing student well-being.

By embracing it, educators can offer crucial support to students in honing and enhancing their emotional and mental capabilities. And in doing so, we send a powerful message to our students that their mental and emotional well-being is as important as their academic or athletic success.

What is mental performance coaching?

In sports, mental performance coaching is used to foster an athlete’s confidence, resilience, and focus. Coaches specializing in mental performance help their athletes identify personalized objectives and craft resources and exercises to cultivate a productive mindset. But the impact of mental performance coaching extends beyond the gym or field. In fact, the data is clear–adding such skills to a young person’s mental and emotional toolbox sets them up for success.

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