October 3, 2023

Key points:

  • Artificial intelligence won’t replace educators–but it can enhance their abilities
  • AI in education has the potential to streamline tasks across the board to improve workflows
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In the past year, AI has become the shiny new technology across industry sectors. In fact, in education specifically, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way teachers can support students and their individual journeys. But the problem with AI today is the misunderstanding of its potential–especially when it comes to AI in education. 

AI in education isn’t about replacing human educators, and it certainly doesn’t mean that students are off the hook with AI-written essays and assignments. Educators and administrators need to understand the power of AI and how it can–and will–open once-closed doors not only for students, but also for school staff in supporting their students’ journeys and their futures.

Enhanced administrative efficiency

On average, teachers spend 54 percent of their time managing administrative tasks and grading, leaving less than half of their time to actually teach. Traditionally, districts have tossed their staff tool after tool in an effort to help. While an astronomical average of 1,417 edtech tools and applications are being used in U.S. school systems, the core issue faced by teachers is overlooked–data overload.

Teachers don’t need more edtech tools or data to manage; they need easy access to actionable data from all systems to improve their day-to-day life so they can spend more time teaching.

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