September 27, 2023

The AMAESports 2023 National Playoffs took virtual successes and turned them into real wins last Saturday. This event showed how e-sports can change things. It started with a big entrance and ended with exciting finals on July 22, 2023. It was a lively show of skills in e-sports from high school and college students.

The top winners were NOVA CHRONO from AMA East Rizal and PHS BAI NA BAI from AMA Pampanga. They won in the groups of current and soon-to-be students. They didn’t just show they’re good at games but also teamwork, smart thinking, and not giving up.

This competition was more than a game. It gave students lots of good things like getting better at stuff and having friends. It also gave them a place to compete in a fair way. Most important, it gave them a path to a potential career job in e-sports. This event showed how e-sports can be in schools and open up chances in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

MOA signing AMAEsports 2023 handshake

In the picture from the left: Joanediane Jardin – AMA Head of Learning Stuff, Juliet Pagar – AMA Second Head for Getting More Students, Darwin Dominguez – AMA Head of Company Things, Engr. Alvin Rodriguez – AMAES Big Operator, Eric Redulfin – Boss of TNC Group, Jim Paulo Sy – Vice Boss for Doing Stuff, TNC Group, Jam Mauhay – Director of Telling People About Stuff, Lerah Regis – Big Project Person, and Rexon Sagun – Creative Boss.

AMAEsports Ambassadors’ AMA Scholarship

The AMA Education System announced that AMAESports ambassadors will continue their academic path with the assistance of an AMA scholarship. This shows how education and e-sports can coexist, giving students a thorough learning experience that sets them up for the future.

The AMAESports 2023 National Playoffs worked because of our students’ love for games, their skills, and how much they wanted to win. It also shows that there are great chances in e-sports waiting for them. Get ready to play!

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