October 3, 2023

Previously, it was reported that Lenovo was entering the gaming handheld space with the Lenovo Legion Go, joining Valve and ASUS ROG. Now, a report from WindowsReport reveals what the gaming handheld from Lenovo will look like with intensive photos of the device.

Lenovo Legion Go Leaked Images

Based on the leaked photos, what makes the Lenovo Legion Go from its other PC-based competitors like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and devices from AYA NEO, are the removable controllers of the Legion Go. This makes it more akin to the Nintendo Switch than the aforementioned gaming handhelds.

Lenovo Legion Go photos leak controllers

The photos also reveal that the gaming handheld of Lenovo will feature large air vents on the back with a kickstand that seems to occupy half of the back panel.

Lenovo Legion Go photos leak back

The photos of the back also reveal back triggers in addition to the shoulder buttons. Additionally, the photos reveal two USB-C ports, a power button, a headphone jack, volume buttons, and a microSD slot.

Lenovo Legion Go photos leak 2

The Legion Go is said to have an 8-inch display and run on Windows 11. Additionally, it will allegedly be powered by AMD’s new Phoenix processors.


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