October 1, 2023

Key points:

  • A lack of collaboration in schools is increasing cybersecurity risks
  • Most district leaders and administrators agree K-12 schools face higher risks for cyberattacks than ever before
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Cyber threats against K-12 school districts are on the rise, yet only minimal steps are being taken at the local level to safeguard district technology assets and student information, according to a new research report from Project Tomorrow and iboss, a Zero Trust Edge cloud security provider.

The report, Why A Different Cybersecurity Ecosystem Is Needed Today, details findings from K-12 district, technology, and communications leaders on the cybersecurity challenges they’re facing today.

The report serves as a call to districts to implement a cross-organizational strategy and a new cybersecurity ecosystem to combat the present and future threats to the security of their district technology assets—and, crucially, their students. Additionally, the report encourages districts to incorporate cybersecurity best practices into sustainable new policies and procedures in order to adequately protect district digital assets, including student and staff personal data.

The findings should alarm school district leaders and parents, as cybersecurity incidents in schools can put student information at risk of being stolen, cripple emergency communications systems, and potentially shut down schools entirely.

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