September 28, 2023

As part of its commitment to create one ecosystem to enhance the lifestyle of Filipinos, CHERRY Philippines recently launched its newest lineup of IoT products that are packed with technologies designed to deliver efficiency, comfort, convenience, and security – from managing door locks, switches, and security systems, all of which can now be controlled via the CHERRY Solutions IoT application.

“The rapid growth of Internet of Things system has increased the demand of having a smart space or a smart home. The CHERRY IoT products are designed to give comfort, convenience, efficiency and security. These are Wi-Fi enabled and easily works by the downloading the CHERRY IoT Solutions App. This is part of the brand’s blueprint to move forward towards a vision of bringing a CHERRY device for everyone.  As we embark on this new chapter, we are happy that Anne is still part of CHERRY.”

– Michelle Ngu-Cinco, Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Marketing Officer, CHERRY Philippines

Boosting Security and Comfort with Smart Cameras and Fresh Air

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Keeping your home safe is a top priority, and CHERRY has a bunch of clever ways to help. They’ve got smart security cameras that watch over your place and motion sensors to alert you if anything goes wrong. You can also use their smart locks and switches to control things and take action if needed.

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It’s essential to have clean air at home, and CHERRY has a bunch of air purifiers to help with that. No matter how big your place is, they’ve got one that fits. Some of them are really smart too! You can adjust the fan speed, set when they run, and even check how good the air is in your room. They work by trapping all those yucky particles and keeping your air clean and fresh.

Premium and Reliable One-Stop-Shop for Everyone

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CHERRY has a whole bunch of stuff for your home, like things for entertainment and kitchen stuff too. They even have a new line of smart TVs called the CHERRY Aqua Smart TV. Get the 55-inch model with 4K UHD resolution and Google TV operating system, or you can opt for the 43-inch and 32-inch models as well!

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When it comes to chores, CHERRY has some cool gadgets to make things easier. There’s the CHERRY Smart Movasweep Robotic Vacuum that knows your room layout and finds the dirty spots. It’s like magic! You can control it from your phone with the CHERRY IoT Solutions app.

There’s also the CHERRY has Dust Mite UV Vacuum for deep cleaning carpet, throw pillows, etc. with strong suction and 100% Mite Removal.

It’s important to have fresh air, especially in places like bedrooms and offices. CHERRY has an Air Circulation Fan that’s quiet, has a timer, and offers three fan speeds. You can control it with a remote or a touch screen, and it looks really nice in any room.

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CHERRY also introduced the 2-in-1 Bladeless Fan and Air Purifier that can clean air up for up a 30 sqm area coverage and has moisture resistant isolation to balance humidity. It’s equipped with an H13 HEPA Filter to improve air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory conditions. You can even control it using the CHERRY IoT Solutions App.

There’s also the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro that detects the humidity in the room and intelligently turns itself off when humidity reaches the proper level.

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CHERRY offers a broad selection of kitchen finds. From air fryers, rice cookers and the food cleaners with a Hydroxyl purification technology that can disinfect fruits, vegetables, and even meat.

Smart Living with CHERRY

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“Moving forward, CHERRY will continue to invest in research and development to bring more innovative products that will make life more convenient.”

– Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Senior Manager, CHERRY Philippines

Anne Curtis, CHERRY’s brand ambassador was also present during the event, bringing a level of authenticity to amplify the brand’s messaging.

For more information, you may visit CHERRY’s official Facebook page, website, e-shop, and TikTok pages.

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