October 3, 2023

Los Angeles Unified School District usually gets a bad rap when it comes to the implementation of tech. There was a ransomware attack at the beginning of school in 2022. Then there was the $95 million payroll system snafu back in 2008. And who can forget the $1.3 Billion iPad Fiasco in 2015?

So it’s great to hear some good news coming out of the district. It was even greater to hear it from industry veteran, Elliott Levine, Qualcomm’s Director of Worldwide Education, the company that commissioned the research from Project Tomorrow, and who always provides a great interview. Click through to listen for some big-picture analysis of the survey results you can scroll below:

Project Tomorrow recently released data on how connected digital learning devices have benefited families in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Commissioned by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the survey was fielded to 3,000 parents in English and Spanish in May 2023.

The district has provided high-speed internet service to families where that need is unmet for the past two school years via its All Families Connected initiative. Chromebooks powered by Snapdragon with LTE proved to be an ideal technology solution due to the always-connected capabilities, strong performance, and privacy features that were provided to more than 160,000 students.

According to the survey, 94% of parents felt it’s important that their children have access to technology outside of school to support academic success. Further, 53% of English-speaking parents reported that LAUSD-provided internet access has a big impact on their child’s learning capabilities, and 85% of Spanish-speaking parents agreed. 

Additional findings include:

  • 85% of Spanish-speaking parents and 79% off English-speaking parents report their child(ren) use their LAUSD-issued devices at least a few times a week to support schoolwork
  • 59% of parents say their child would not be able to do homework if they did not have these devices
  • 94% of parents say that the school district should continue to provide students with digital learning devices that have built-in internet access for learning at home to bridge the digital access divide
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