September 28, 2023

HONOR has just revealed that it will hold a keynote on September 1 at IFA Berlin 2023.

HONOR at IFA Berlin 2023

The announcement poster reveals the “Unfold Tomorrow” tagline along with what appears to be two devices illuminating a prominent V in the poster. This definitely hints at a Magic V series device, which is expected to be the global launch of the Magic V2.

HONOR IFA Berlin 2023 keynote 1

Based on the poster, it is speculated that the company will unveil two foldable devices instead of just the latest Magic V series. The other foldable is believed to be a clamshell device, which the company has yet to offer in its roster of devices.

Either way, we’ll definitely learn more as we get closer to the September 1 IFA Berlin 2023 keynote event about what HONOR will introduce.


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