September 28, 2023

ASROCK has just unveiled its first all-white motherboard available on both Intel and AMD platforms.

ASROCK All-White Motherboards

The design is not limited to just its high-end motherboards as the first three motherboards that come in a new colorway are the B760-HDV/M.2 and H610M-HDV/M.2+ D5 from Intel and the B550M Pro SE for AMD. These offer a whole new aesthetic to even the budget-friendly price range.

ASROCK all white motherboards 2

Additionally, the motherboards have been upgraded with Dragon 2.5G LAN and DDR5 memory support on selected models for a boost in performance.

All three motherboards are compatible with NVMe M.2 storage devices and they also come with RGB LED headers to add even more customizability.

ASROCK all white motherboards 1

For more information on the motherboards, you can visit their respective official websites here:

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