September 28, 2023

According to the latest report from Canalys, Transsion is the biggest winner in global smartphone shipments in Q2 of 2023.

Transsion – Canalys

The Canalys Smartphone Market Pulse report covers the global smartphone shipments in April, May, and June of this year. It revealed that Samsung and Apple remain the top smartphone companies with a market share of 21% and 17%, respectively. Despite this though, the two companies have an annual growth of -14% and -13%, respectively.

Transsion Canalys Q2 2023 smartphone report 3

Out of the top five smartphone manufacturers, only one had a positive annual growth of +22%. This is Transsion with a 9% market share and 22.7 million shipments. The company includes brands like TECNO Mobile, Infinix, and iTel and has strong sales across the Middle East, African, and Latin American markets. Locally, the company has also impressed in recent times.

The company just comes close to Xiaomi and OPPO, the manufacturers that came in third and fourth, respectively. Xiaomi includes its sub-brand of POCO and has a 13% market share with 33.2 million shipments but a -16% annual growth, while OPPO includes shipments from OnePlus and has a market share of 10% with 25.2 million shipments and an -8% yearly growth.

Transsion Canalys Q2 2023 smartphone report 2

Additionally, Canalys reports a 10% decline in shipped units compared to the same period last year. Despite the negative growth though, it is said that the global smartphone demand is starting to rebound with industry-wide inventory reductions and a rising demand in regional markets.


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