October 3, 2023

Key points:

When ChatGPT appeared in November 2022, most educators felt it could become a threat and change the whole niche forever. No wonder: This language model algorithm is smart enough to produce logical and grammatically correct texts for any prompt.

Today’s digital-savvy students welcomed ChatGPT with open arms and began using it for writing assignments. According to a new study from Academic Help, 67 percent of students use AI for creating texts – the basis for their essays and other papers.

The issue here is not only about the academic integrity violation. AI tools are on the rise, and students use them for different purposes:

  • Grammar checking
  • Citation generation
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Generating topic ideas, outlines, and reference lists for academic papers

Like it or not, AI is here. While 42.55 percent of students say their schools don’t allow AI tools, we understand it’s not the proper solution to the problem. It won’t go anywhere, and teachers can’t separate students from access to this technology.

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